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"I loved it from every angle. I think any woman who has experienced discovering that she is carrying a child is filled with a myriad of exhilarating thoughts, doubts, questions, concerns; that was beautifully portrayed in your work."


a weird bubble

one pregnancy test.

two potential outcomes. 

For three sopranos (Serena, Pro Angel, Con Angel) and pianist. The opera takes place in a simple bathroom — a tub, a sink, and a mirror are the only set pieces.  

Serena is in her bathroom, awaiting the results of a home pregnancy test. Scared and unsure what she hopes the test will read, she is visited by two angels, both versions of herself: one who extols the wonders and beauty of motherhood; the other who scoffs at pregnancy and advocates for remaining child-free. A short, poignant opera about the decisions women face when their bodies cease to be their own.

Run time: 24 minutes


Serena: Alize Francheska Rozsnyai

Pro Angel: Katherine Boyce

Con Angel: Annie Gill

also featuring

Soprano Alicia Woodberry will perform four moving art songs related to the theme of the opera prior to its premiere.


with help from 
Katherine Baxter, VP and Treasurer, The Modern Traditionalist 

A hand holding a digital pregnancy test. The results are not shown yet; they have not fully loaded.

Composer: Garth Baxter

Librettist: Alize Francheska Rozsnyai

Director and Scenic Designer: Steven Strosnider

Music Director and Pianist: Aaron Thacker

Costume Designer: Lora Strosnider

Hair and Wig Designer: Sandy Baker


Title and Concept by Caitlin Vincent

after an idea by Annie Gill

Listen to the music

"The Greatest Gift"


The first aria of the opera, performed just after Serena has taken a pregnancy test.

"Just a Tiny Seed"

Performed near the end of the opera by the Pro Angel.

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